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Frank Meeink - From Hatred to HarmonyFrank Meeink: From Hatred to Harmony - Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead
"I would just like to say thank you for telling your story. This last year has been a very challenging year for me and it has taken everything I have to keep going everyday. Your words have helped me to realize that the choices we have made do not have to dictate who we become."
    - Marcus C., website post
Frank Meeink - From Hatred to Harmony
Frank Meeink - Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead
Frank Meeink, From Hatred to Harmony: Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead - Links

Dear Frank,

"My name is Jeff. My class and I , Have read your book and appreciated every second of it . I can tell you that every student in my class can relate to your story in someway. We have all done things that have affected us in a bad way. But we have been trying our best to make our lives better , so we can become someone important, to change the lives of the next generation of teens . like you have been doing . I understand that no one is perfect, but we try to do our best. I honestly love the fact that I got introduced to your book. It has inspired me to take my life and do my best to be the best role model for my future kids. And one thing that struck me the most in your book was Even though all the bad things that happened to you, You still where trying to be there for your kids , In every way , I respect that more than I respect myself.
It would be the highlight of my life if I could meet you in person.
My teacher has shown me that literally anything is possible. last year we read the Freedom Writers Diary. We where so lifted by that book That we raised money to fly down to L.A. to meet a freedom in person , That truly was the best day of my life. I never flew on a plane before, I’ve never been to California, but it happened and it started out as a "What If". And became something great . But I can tell you that we are very happy that your book is in our life . And hope to meet you someday in person
I am truly thanking you from the bottom of my heart, For writing that book , It will always be on my mind….."

- Jeff

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