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Frank Meeink - From Hatred to HarmonyFrank Meeink: From Hatred to Harmony - Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead
"Frank’s transformation provides us commanding proof that reconciliation is possible even for those most tightly bound by hatred."
    - Jesse Dylan, Video and Documentary Director
Frank Meeink - From Hatred to Harmony
Frank Meeink - Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead
Frank Meeink, From Hatred to Harmony: Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead - Projects

Book Review: Don't Plan on Putting This Book Down!

"I got home late to find that it had finally arrived! My wife pre-ordered it from Amazon back in December for my birthday, so I had a long wait. I thought, "I'll just read a chapter or two before going to bed". Although I twice closed it and turned the light off knowing that I needed to get up to work early the next morning, I turned the light back on, opened it back up, and continued reading until I finished it at about 4 a.m. The lost sleep was definitely worth it.

My first thought was, "Wow. I've led a pretty sheltered life." I've never thought that before. I've had a much more diverse life than the vast majority of people I know, but it's no comparison to what I read about Frank's life.

The [final] thing that sets this book apart from other books of this genre is the way it speaks openly without turning into bragging. Other authors either water down the past to make themselves look better, or they write with a "look how bad I was!" bravado that leads me to question the sincerity of their reformation. With them I found myself thinking, "You're just sorry you got caught". This book went to the edge but didn't fall over the precipice into boasting. I've never read anything that balanced that so masterfully. "

- David, Amazon.Com reader submitted review

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Besides the book, and speaking engagements, and traveling, and hockey (whew!) here are some OTHER things our man Frankie has been working on, or will be working on sometime soon.

Jamey Johnson's - High Cost of Living - See if you can find Frankie!

A video by acclaimed director Jesse Dylan for the Americas Business Council 2009 Reconciliation Forum. Jesse Dylan, director of the famous "Yes We Can" video on President Barack Obama, interviewed leaders from around the world on the power of Reconciliation. Video includes Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Rwandan author and motivational speaker Immaculee Ilibagiza, Former Neo Nazi Frank Meeink, Paul Rusesabagina, the hero portrayed in the film Hotel Rwanda, Editor of Foreign Policy Magazine Moises Naim, and others.

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